Digital Asset Management for all your ProcessWire media

Advanced Media Manager Permissions

Tightening the ship: Advanced permissions to lock down access

  1. Permission: Media Manager Upload
  2. In this lesson we look at how you can control which users can upload media to your Media Library.
  3. Permission: Media Manager Publish
  4. This topic addresses how to limit media publishing rights in the Media Library to certain roles only.
  5. Permission: Media Manager Lock
  6. This lesson explains how to control who can lock and unlock media in your Media Library.
  7. Permission: Media Manager Delete
  8. Here you will learn how to limit trashing or deleting of media in your Media Library to certain users only.
  9. Permission: Media Manager Edit
  10. If you want to know how to control which users can edit media in your Media Library - cropping, resizing, renaming, tagging or entering descriptions - then this lesson is for you.