Digital Asset Management for all your ProcessWire media

Creating a Media Manager Field

In order to output or share (e.g. downloadable documents) media from your Media Manager Library in the frontend of your website, you do not need to create a Media Manager field. Since the media are stored in ProcessWire pages, you have access to them like any other pages, albeit with a few restrictions since they live under admin in the ProcessWire page tree.

However, to insert media from your Library directly into your ProcessWire pages, you will need to create Media Manager fields. This is what this topic is about.

Creating a Media Manager field is straightforward. In your ProcessWire admin, go to Setup, then Fields. Click the button add new field. Give your field a name and a label if you wish. For type, select Media Manager (Fieldtype). Save to create the field.

There are a few settings to configure for the field. These are found in both the details and input tabs.We cover these in the next two sections.