Digital Asset Management for all your ProcessWire media

Input Tab

The settings here affect what you see in and the behaviour of a Media Manager Inputfield.

There are two main sections of settings here; general settings and custom columns.

General Settings

The settings under this section of settings are:

Modal Link Label

In this setting you enter the text label to show for the modal link for adding media to the page. The default is Add Media.

Please note that this setting is only visible if you have selected use text in the Use Icons or Text for Actions setting below.

Insert Media and Close Dialog

If this setting is checked, the modal for inserting media will immediately auto-close after media is added to the Inputfield.

Enable Upload Anywhere

This setting specifies if users are allowed to add media to this Inputfield via drag and drop. Media added this way are auto-uploaded as well as added to the current Inputfield. Please note that other relevant settings still apply, for instance, whether media are published on upload, if the user has permission to upload, allowed media, maximum media allowed, etc. For this to work flawlessly, the global setting for after upload should be set to immediately publish uploaded items. Please note that unpublished media cannot be added to Media Manager Inputfields.

Allow Users to Edit Selected Media

This setting specifies whether users are allowed to edit media saved in the Inputfield. Please note that users must still have page-editable access and, if applicable, media-manager-edit permission to be able to edit.

Use Icons or Text for Actions

This specifies whether to show icons or text in the actions strip in the Inputfield. Please refer to the section on Media Manager Inputfield views as well.

Custom Columns

Under this section of settings you will find the settings described below.

Please note that when you first edit the settings of a Media Manager field, under this section of settings you will only see one setting, show custom fields. Depending on your selection here, you will see other settings after saving the field.

Show Custom Fields

In this setting, you specify which fields in your respective media pages to show in table media view as columns. Please note that these fields must be present in the respective media manager templates. There are three choices to select from:

If you selected Custom for inputfield in the above setting, you will see other settings, one each for your the allowed media types you set in the details tab. Below we assume you allowed all four media types. As stated in the Media Manager admin settings section, not all ProcessWire Fieldtypes are supported for viewing in the table media view.


Select custom fields from the audio media template to display.


Select custom fields from the document media template to display.


Select custom fields from the image media template to display.


Select custom fields from the video media template to display.