Digital Asset Management for all your ProcessWire media


This is the main dashboard of Media Manager. Here you can view a limited number of all media types shown as thumbs. For images, the thumb will be an smaller version of the original image. Other types will show representative icons/thumbs.

Media Count and Pagination

Just above the media thumbs display will be a count of all the media in your Library and the total number currently in view. For individual media dashboards (please the next 4 topics), the total count refers to the total of that media type only.

If you have a lot of media in your Media Manager Library and you have set up a limit (see the Filtering Media section) on the number of media to show per page, a pagination navigation will show above and below the media thumbs. Use the pagination to scroll through your media Library. The default limit before pagination kicks in is 30.

Media Preview

Hovering your mouse over a media thumb will show some limited information about the media in a tooltip. You will see the media name, dimensions (if an image), file size and how many times it has been used in your ProcessWire pages. If the media is an image, you will also see a count of the number of image variations it has.

Gallery Mode

Clicking on an media thumb will open it up in a gallery for a larger preview. If the media is of type audio or video, you will be able to play the media in your browser. If the type is an image, you will see a larger version of the image. If the type is a document and it is a PDF file, you will be able to see its contents in your browser.

Previewing image media.

Previewing audio media.

Selecting Media

Hover your mouse cursor over the upper left corner of the media thumb and click on the check/tick icon to select it. Click on the check again to deselect.

To select a range of media, select the first or last one you want in the range. Then shift-click on the check icon of the last media (or first if selecting in reverse) you want. All the media in between will be selected. 

To select all media in the current view, double click on any media's check/tick icon. All media will be selected.

Selected media are displayed with a reddish border around them.

Delete Media

First select your media as described above. You can then delete the media using the bulk actions dropdown on the top right of the dashboard. Please read more on bulk actions here

Edit Media

If there are no media editing restrictions set up in your Media Manager or you have the necessary permission, you will see an edit link if you hover over a media thumb. Click on it to edit the media, for instance, change its title or add tags to the image or file. If the media is locked for edits (please refer to the bulk actions section) you will not see the Edit link. Instead, you will see a padlock icon.

All the above mentioned features apply to other media dashboard views as well, i.e. audio, document, image and video.