Digital Asset Management for all your ProcessWire media

Filter Profiles

Media Manager allows you to create pre-set filter profiles that can be applied to filter the media shown in the media views. A filter profile is a configuration with a set of criteria to apply to the search used for finding media to show in the media view dashboards. Please refer to the Filtering Media section for more about filtering/searching for media in your media Library. For instance, you can create filters profiles for different groups of site editors. One filter profile may return the results of only document media with PDF files, or only published media or media whose titles contain certain texts, etc.

If enabled in your settings, an item Filters will be shown in the Media Manager menu. Click on it to view the Filters dashboard. If you have previously created filter profiles, these will be shown in a table. 

This dashboard allows you to create, edit, delete, lock and unlock filter profiles. It also allows you to set an active filter profile or deactivate an active filter profile. Only one filter profile at a time can be set as active. In the table, the active filter profile is shown with the text active filter below its name. The name of the filter profile will also be displayed in bold text. To change the active filter profile, select a different filter profile and set it as active. This will automatically deactivate the previous active filter profile. If you delete an active filter profile, you will be left without an active fitler profile.

Locked filter profiles cannot be edited or deleted until they are unlocked. This helps prevent accidental deletions or editing. Locked filter  profiles are displayed in the table with a closed padlock shown next to them.

An active filter profile is applied by default to all media view dasbhoards for fetching the media to display. 

To create a filter profile, click on the create filter link. This will open a modal. Give your filter profile a short descriptive name and start configuring it by clicking on the add filter label(s). As you configure the filter profile using search criteria, the criteria are displayed in a text in the bottom right corner of the criteria filters' inputs. Click the save button to save the  filter profile. To exit the modal, click on the x in the top right corner of the modal. This will close the modal and reload the browser window. You will then see your newly created filter profile in the table in this dashboard.