Digital Asset Management for all your ProcessWire media

Filtering Media and Changing Display

Grid and Table Views

Media can be viewed in either  a grid or table view. The former is the default view. Click on the grid or table icon just above and to the right of the displayed media to switch between the two views.

Grid View

This is the default view for media dashboards.

Table View

As the name suggests, the table view will display the media in a table. If your Media Manager is set up to edit and show custom columns you will also see these as columns in the table view. Custom columns are other ProcessWire fields that are available in your Media Manager templates, for instance a text field or an email field, etc. Please note that you need to add the fields yourself. Please refer to the Media Manager general settings and individual field settings for more information.

Default Table View.

Table view with custom fields/columns.

Here we see a table view where custom columns/fields have been added to Media Manager templates.

If you open a media for editing and close the modal, the values of the columns of the edited media will be updated accordingly without the need to reload the dashboard.

Please note that the selected view persists until changed.

Filtering Media

Just under the actions dropdown media is a panel with multiple inputs for filtering your media. This is a power feature that allows you to filter what media to view using any number of criteria. This is very useful especially if you have a large media Library and want to select only particular media. For instance, you may want to select all media without a description or all media created after a particular date or media whose titles contain certain text, etc. This panel is collapsed by default. Click on the what media to show label to open up the panel and start enterting your search criteria. 

The search criterion shown by default is Title Contains Text. Click on the Add Filter label to add more search criterion. The search results are shown live as you type your criteria. If no results are found you will see a notification where the media will normally be displayed. 

Please note that search criteria are cached and persist across logins. To remove a criterion, click on the trash icon to its far right. To reset the filters to the default state click on the reset icon. To only refresh the media view, click on the refresh button.

Also note that if a filter profile has been set as activate, you will see the text active filter applied to results next to the text that shows the count of media in your Library of the current type you are viewing (or all types if in all media dashboard view) and the number currently in view.

To collapse the filters panel, click on the label what media to show.

Limit Number of Media Shown

If you have a lot of media, you may wish to limit how many are shown per dashboard view. The default is 30 media per view. To change this, click on add filter then the first textbox. This will open a dropdown select. Scroll down and under modifiers, select limit. In the third textbox on that filter's row, enter the number you want to limit it. The dashboard will refresh and your selected number of media will be shown. A pagination navigation will also appear (if necessary) above and below the results. Use those to nagivate to different page views of the dashboard.

Sorting Media

Below the filters panel there is an input for specifying the sort criteria for the media to be displayed. Media can be sorted by the following in ascending or descending order: