Digital Asset Management for all your ProcessWire media

Uploading Media

There are three ways in which media can be added to Media Manager .


To use this method, access the Uploads dashboard by clicking on Upload in the menu. If you need to, click on the tab Add.

Use the select files widget/panel to add media to the media Library. Click on the choose files button. This will open your computer's file explorer. Choose the files you want to add.

Altternatively, you can drag files from your computer and drop them on the files widget.

The files widget shows you the allowed file extensions.

Files added to the files widget are displayed below it in a table in the panel labelled uploaded files. For image and video media types, if you have not disabled their preview in settings, you will see their preview thumbs in the first column of the uploads' table.

Other columns in the uploaded files table show the size and name of the file to be uploaded. For each group of files added, there will be two buttons in the last column of the table, a start and a cancel button. For image files, please note that if you have enabled client-side image resizing in your settings and this has been applied to the image file, the displayed file size will be size after the resizing.

If you have attempted to add a file whose extension is not allowed, you will seen an error message below the name of the file. In this case there will only be the cancel button in the last column for the group of files that were added together with the disallowed file.

After adding files, if you do not have auto upload on in settings, you will have to click on the start button that was shown for the group of files or single file you added to the files widget for the upload to start. Please note that if you added more files to the widget before clicking on start to upload them, they will be added to the widget and will be assigned their own groups start and cancel buttons. In such a case, to upload all the different groups of files added with in one go, click instead on the start button (main start button) above the files widget under the label upload actions. You can always use main start button even if you only have one group of files ready for upload in the files widget. Please also note that the main start button can perform several actions. Click on the arrow to the right of the button to reveal other actions that can be performed. These are cancel, delete, add and publish and add unpublished. 

Once you click start, the progress of the upload will be displayed in the upload actions area. Depending on your internet speed and the size of the files you are uploading, the progress may be fast or slow.;

If you clicked cancel in the main start button before upload started, all files displayed in the uploaded files table will be removed. If you clicked cancel once upload had started, uploading will be halted and the files removed. If this action was performed using the cancel button for a group of files, only that group will be affected by the action.

When upload is complete, uploaded files are listed in the uploaded files table. if you have set for files to be uploaded to a temporary folder for review after upload, each uploaded file will have a checkbox in its row in the table (far right). At this stage, these files can be selected and either transferred to the media Library or deleted. You will need to use the main start button for these actions. To select all the files, click on the checkbox in the header of the last column in the table. You can also select a range of files by using shift + click. In this case, select the first or last file you want in the range then shift select the last or first file in the range. If you choose to transfer a pending file to the media Library, it will be moved and removed from display in the table. If you choose to delete them, the files will be deleted from the temporary folder on your server and removed from display in the table. For image files, clicking on their thumbs will display them in an image gallery. If there are other image files pending review, they too will be shown in this gallery.

If the setting for after upload is to add files to the media Library, the uploaded files will be shown but without checkboxes to select them In this case, image files there will be no gallery for image file types.

If you find that certain valid files are not getting uploaded, please check your server settings for maximum file upload size allowed.


Sometimes it is easier and faster to first upload files to your server using FTP. This is especially useful if you are dealing with large files as these can be slow to upload via a browser. Media Manager can scan files you have uploaded via FTP and add them to your media Library. To use the feature the files must be uploaded to the folder /site/assets/MediaManager/uploads/

Please note that even files uploaded in this manner will be subject to Media Manager's allowed file types validations once you start the process of adding them to the media Library. 

If in your settings you have specified that zip files should be decompressed, any zip files you added via FTP will be decompressed recursively once processing of the files in Media Manager starts.

To see the files available for scanning, still in the Upload dashboard, click on the tab Scan. The files you uploaded via FTP will be displayed in a table.

The count of files awaiting scanning is shown at the top of the files table. The table shows each file's name and size as well as a checkbox for selecting each. Use the main start button in this tab to scan selected files to your media Library, either published or unpublished, or delete files from the server.

The shift + click range-select and the select all actions described above also apply to the scan files table.

Please note that in scan view, file preview is not possible.

Upload Anywhere

If upload anywhere is enabled in your settings, you can use this feature to drag and drop files from your computer onto any of the media view dashboards (all, audio, document, image and video). These files will immediately uploaded to your server. Their destination depends on your after upload settings, i.e. they can either be stored in a temporary folder awaiting review or directly added to your media Library (either published or unpublished depending on your settings).

As the files are uploading, you can monitor the progress in a widget displayed on the bottom right corner of your browser window.

If you dropped zip files and your settings allow it, they will be unzipped.

As in the approaches above, files uploaded in this manner are also subject to validation.

When upload and processing of the files is complete, the media view will refresh automatically without having to refresh your browser. If your settings allow direct addition to the media Library after upload, you will see the thumbs of the files that were just uploaded, depending on the view you dragged and dropped onto and your sort media settings.