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Adding media from the Media Manage Library to a Media Manager Inputfield is easy. There are two ways in which media can be added to the inputfield. Both methods can be used at the same time.

Add Modal

This method involves adding media using a modal.

If in the field settings (input tab) for this Inputfield you selected to use text for the add media modal link, you will see a link with the text (e.g. Add Media) to the top right of the inputfield. If you selected to use icons, you will see a plus icon instead. Please note that if the field's maximum media allowed setting is active and the set limit has been reached, you will not be able to add more items to the inputfield. In that case, the modal link will not be displayed.

Add media text.

Add media icon.

Click on the modal link. It will open up the Media Manager Library in a modal. From here you can search, filter, upload and select the media you want to insert to the inputfield. If there is an allowed media types restriction for your field, the menu items for disallowed media types will not be visible.

To select media, hover your mouse over the top left corner of their thumb and click on the check icon.

You can select as many media as the field allows to add. When at least one media is selected, an insert button will appear at the top right corner of the modal. Click on it to add the selected media to the inputfield. A notice will be shown in toward the top right corner of the modal whether the addition was successful or not. The modal will then refresh and your inserted media will now have a greenish border applied to them. If you checked insert media and close dialog in your field settings, the modal will close automatically. The thumbs of the added media will be shown in the inputfield. Please note that the page will be refreshed automatically. The browser window will not reload.

Media that is already in the inputfield will be shown with a greenish border around the media thumb. 

For media of type image, you can also insert their variants. When you hover your mouse over image media, you will see a copy/variants icon below the check icon.

Click on the copy/variants icon. This will navigate to a window (still within the modal) listing all the avallable image versions, as well as their names, size and when they were last modified.

Select the image versions you want to add to the inputfield and click on the button insert selected to add them.

This method of adding media has the advantage of allowing you to search and filter the media you want to add to the inputfield. If the modal is set to auto-close, it will do so, otherwise you will have to click on the x link at the top-right of the modal to close it. If you instead wish to browse and possibly add other media, click on the link labelled back to all media to the top-left of the modal. This will take you back to the media Library

Upload Anywhere

This method is only possible if enabled in the field settings. The method allows you to drag and drop files from your computer directly onto the inputfield. The files will then be uploaded to your media Library and added to the inputfield. As the media is uploading, an uploads' progress widget will be displayed on the bottom right corner of your browser window.

The inputfield will be refreshed automatically when processing is complete. Success or error notifications will be displayed to the top right corner of your screen.

If your global settings allow it, zipped files will be decompressed and the files within added to the media Library and the inputfield. Please read more about this feature in the uploading files to the media Library section.

All field restrictions still apply even if using this method, i.e., allowed media types, maximum media allowed, etc.

This method is a fast and convenient way of adding media both to the media Library and to the inputfield.

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